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Our body products are formulated to moisturize, and improve the quality of your skin. Its ingredients are rich in nutritious oils that heal, moisturize and protect your skin without an overly oily residue. Use as often as necessary. A little goes a very long way.

Our hair products provide moisture and promote healthy, beautiful hair. We carry an array of products including shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner (hair juice), hair butters (our all-in-one moisturizer, sealer, and protectant), and oil (hair marinade). Our products are creamy, yet lightweight, and won’t weigh down your hair. 

Our women’s line features botanical extracts and natural exfoliants to cleanse, and moisturize the face.  Along with a clarifying charcoal face mask.  Also amazing, vitamin-filled toners that fight anti-aging.  And daily eye and face moisturizers.

Our anti-bump and shave facial regimen system is formulated with all natural & organic exfoliators, nourishing vitamins, soothing botanicals and essential oils that help reduce razor hair bumps and minimize new ingrown hairs from forming.  Our products are for all skin types.

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Since 2013, So Yummy Products prides itself on using the best natural & organic ingredients in the personal care industry.  Not only are our products good for you, they are infused with delicious fragrances.  Thus our slogan, “Smell Good, Feel Good”.


Our products contain enough water to moisturize and enough oils to nurture without leaving an oily residue.

Our products are formulated to nurture all hair types, and textures. A little bit goes a long way, so your unique hair will determine how much product is necessary for use.

Our products were initially created for a baby. Our formulas are sensitive enough for babies, and strong enough for adults. If your baby has allergies, please start with our "plain" labeled products, which contain zero fragrance.